Plagiarism in the 21st Century

NPR hosted an interesting segment on plagiarism the other day.

Cut and Paste Plagiarism

The segment raises some relevant issues and questions regarding plagiarism in today’s age and discusses ways to address plagiarism. I suggest giving it a listen.

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One Comment on “Plagiarism in the 21st Century”

  1. LeftLaneEnds Says:

    I’m SUCH an NPR geek! This is a great show and has a very good balance of viewpoints from both sides.

    I love how they talked about Turn-it-In, a service that we use here in our district. One of the professors suggested that instead of setting it up as a policing system, to have the students submit and recieve feedback directly instead of having the feedback sent to the teacher. This allows the student to use Turn-it-In as a learning tool and see how their papers are ‘adding up’ when submitted for plagerism.

    Great link!

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