Irving ISD in the News

Irving ISD has been in the news a lot lately (or at least in the Dallas Morning News)… some of the media attention has been positive, some of it neutral, and unfortunately, some of it negative. Below you will find links to the articles and letters I have seen published recently. If you do not have an account set up for the Dallas Morning News on-line (and you don’t want one), but you would still like to view the articles, try one of the logins and passwords from the following site Bugmenot (thanks to Wesley Fryer for posting this link on his site).

Let lacking students walk on stage, survey says – This article written by Katherine Leal Unmuth is an objective look at the results of a survey given to seniors, parents, teachers, counselors, administrators and CIC committees in the IISD regarding whether to change the graduation policy to allow students who have earned all graduation credits, but have not passed all sections of the TAKS to walk at graduation.

Failing TAKS may still mean missing out on graduation day – Another objective article written by Katherine Leal Unmuth; this article gives quotes from students and teachers who support changing the graduation policy as well as quotes from school board members who support the current graduation policy.

Graduation policy won’t change – In this article Katherine Leal Unmuth, explains the IISD school board’s decision to keep the graduation policy unchanged; she gives quotes from students as well as school board members on the decision.

Earning Their Walk: Irving is Right: You have to graduate first – This article is an opinion-piece written by the editorial staff. It is in support of the school board’s decision to keep the graduation policy unchanged.

Letters from Irving
– This link is to two (shortened, and somewhat censored, versions) of letters written in response to the above articles. One letter is written by me and one is written by Michel Sanchez. I will post my original letter as a comment to this posting if you would like to read it in its entirety.

With school podcasts, upgraded learning is ready for download – Katherine Leal Unmuth focuses on podcasting at W.T. Hanes Elementary School and the positive impact it is having on writing.

I would love to see IISD and other school districts in the news for positive educational achievements (especially involving technology). Feel free to send these type of articles my way.

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One Comment on “Irving ISD in the News”

  1. astephens Says:

    As promised in my posting, here is the original version of the letter I sent to the editorial staff of the Dallas Morning News.

    As I read your article Earning Their Walk, I thought to myself, “This person doesn’t know what he is talking about…”
    As a teacher in IISD, I have seen bright, hardworking students not graduate because of one test. I think the reason the community approves of the TAKS is that few people have actually looked at it. In fact, the majority of people I speak to support the TAKS test blindly simply because it is current law; they have not taken the time to see that several of the tests are comprised of information that is redundant outside the walls of high school. And nobody seems to question the fact that private school students are exempt from taking the TAKS – yet they can be successful.
    Texas students who have not passed TAKS, but have their required credits, will be okay because unlike your article states, they are able to attend college with a certificate of completion; North Lake accepts this.
    I encourage your readers who have not seen the TAKS to visit the TEA website and look at the released exit-level TAKS and ask themselves, “Is this the information we think is so imperative for our students to know?”

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