Immigration Laws Hit Close to Home

I was at an ITS meeting today when I began to receive e-mails about students walking out of school in protest. I was at the administration building instead of my campus, so I felt severely out of the loop. After e-mailing some teachers on campus, I finally began to piece the story together.

Apparently the students walked out in protest of the immigration bills being proposed in the Senate. The immigration bills are a “big deal” in Irving ISD because we have such a racially and ethnically diverse population. From what I pieced together it sounds like anywhere from 200-400 of our students walked out. As they walked past the other high schools in the district, the numbers of students involved in the protest increased. The students met at one of the DART stations and proceeded to Dallas City Hall where they met up with students from surrounding school districts.

From what I have read the students protested in a peaceful manner (even though a few students were injured in accidents).

So, how do I feel about the students walking out of school in protest? Honestly, I am not sure. I have been thinking about it, and I have mixed feelings. I am proud of the students who are informed about the topic and made a conscious decision to walk out in peaceful protest in support of their beliefs. Certainly, I think a wiser decision would have been for them to have stayed in class and protested on the weekend (but would they have had the same crowd and media coverage…).

I am disappointed in the students who blindly followed with no real purpose other than to hang out with their friends and/or miss class (and I am afraid there were quite a few of these students in the crowd). If nothing else, I hope they are now more educated on the issue so they can make an informed decision.

There has been much discussion in the media as to what consequences the students who chose to participate will receive. I can’t answer for the other school districts or campuses, but our students will receive the following consequences: an unexcused absence, a zero on all classwork for the day and juniors and seniors will lose the privilege of being exempt from semester exams.

In reality, I doubt the student protest will make much of a difference in regards to the Senate bills, but I hope it makes a difference on our campus. I hope the teachers take the opportunity to educate themselves and the students about this issue because no real change of any kind will take place without education and informed decision making.

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