Pre-made PowerPoints

I came across a new blog today, Education in Texas, which had some links to some pretty useful sites. Both of the links are from the Jefferson County School District in Tennessee. The first link has some instructional PowerPoints for the core areas, and the second link has some Tech Tutorial PowerPoints. Hope you find something you can use. 🙂

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2 Comments on “Pre-made PowerPoints”

  1. WM Says:

    Hi! I’ve nothing reall apropos to say, knowing nothing about education boards south of the border, but I did want to thank you for visiting chez moi, and to tell that I’ll be back here as often as I can.
    Also, being academically, er, “inclined?” “persuaded?” Oh for heaven’s sake, being part of the publish or perish crown, I liked very much having you come by…

  2. WM Says:

    Whilst I take responsibility for the spelling mistakes in the above post, I insist that indeed, I do have a PhD, gorramit! It’s just that sometimes English is so…..English!

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