Banning Laptops

Thanks to Will Richardson at Weblogg-ed for bringing the following information to my attention:

According to the Associated Press there is a rise in professors banning laptop use in class. My opinion is that this is ridiculous. College students are adults and if they would rather spend their time surfing the net than paying attention to their professor, then it is their money they are wasting. I also think professors might benefit from straying from the lectures every now and then and doing some student centered learning… maybe then students would be more inclined to stay on task.

As I read the article, I assumed that most people would agree with me – banning laptops in the college classroom is unnecessary. I didn’t really see what there was to debate; however, apparently it is a hot topic and there are many people who agree with the ban – check out the article and multitude of comments over at Engadget. Interesting…

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