I Need Your Input

I am beginning to plan two sessions I will be teaching this summer for Irving ISD, and I could use your input. What do you think I should include? How do you think I should conduct the sessions? What advice do you have for me? What educational blogs and wikis would you show for examples?

The first session I will be conducting is Wikis. I have 1 1/2 hours for this course, and the majority of the attendees will most likely have little to no knowledge of what a wiki is or how to use them in class.

The second session I am teaching is Blogs in the Classroom. I have 3 hours for this session. I am sure several of the teachers signed up for this course know what blogging is, but they may not be aware of how to use them in class or how to create their own.

I am trying to put together a really good training that will get the instructors motivated to implement these teaching tools in their classes. I appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks in advance!!

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4 Comments on “I Need Your Input”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I suggest starting by showing examples of wikis and blogs that are being used by teachers and then maybe discussing different ways they could be used to enhance the curriculum. If you have time, you should let the participants start making thier own.

  2. LeftLaneEnds Says:

    just thinking out loud:

    what if they were to pick a topic of personal interest and find that topic on wikipedia and add/edit it. this can be done without even creating a username and might get participants brains rolling about wikis.

    these sites are all about social networking. what if you do the following activity (taken from eMints training and modified):

    pair up participants. give each pair the following:

    * gummy worm
    * gummy lifesaver
    * plastic cup
    * 3 paperclips

    the cup is placed upside down on the table and fred, the worm, is placed on top of the cup with the gummy lifesaver. the idea is that the cup is a capsized boat and the pairs must get the lifesaver on fred (gummy lifesaver ring must be around fred) without touching fred with their hands, without fred falling into the ‘water’ (he gets one fall, but that’s it) and using only the tools they have at hand.

    There are a couple of different approaches you can take.

    1) have each pair do this in isolation and then post their responses on a blog response. then demonstrate the difference between isolated knowledge and group knowledge. then have each pair go through the activity using a different idea as posted by another team. proceed past the box of the classroom by discussing how multiple classes can share knowledge or those not even in the classroom can share knowledge.

    2) give each pair the same set of step by step instructions to follow for getting the lifesaver on fred (this is a good mock-up of what we often do in the classroom – tell our kids exactly what to do). then have them either post the method that they would have rather done on a blog and view other responses or have them do it a second time their own way.

    again – just thinking out loud, but I’m trying to figure out how to get the hands-on representation and engagement piece worked into the sesson…

  3. cw Says:

    I have just begun learning about wikis and have been wondering about how to train my teachers as well. I feel that wikis are going to be an awesome way for our students to research and publish their findings. Wikis will be a wonderful tool to promote critical thinking for our students. I look forward to watching your blog for all of the ideas that are shared here.

  4. cwright833 Says:

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