Fun on the Internet

I read a variety of blogs, news pages and education and technology pages, so I come across interesting websites sometimes. These are a few of the sites I have come across lately that I think are worth sharing.

The Broth: The Global Mosaic – “ connects you with people around the world to interact in a massively multiplayer, real time global mosaic, made of 1000 colorful tiles.”

Scrapblog – This site is just what it sounds like – an on-line site to create and share photos in the form of a scrapbook.

Quickmuse – “QuickMuse is a cutting contest, a linguistic jam session, a series of on-the-fly compositions in which some great poets riff away on a randomly picked subject.”

The Toymaker – Possibly the coolest site ever for kids and those young at heart! This site offers folding paper toys to print and make, stories to read by firelight, paper “dolls” and other fun stuff.

Hope you enjoy the sites!

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