Laptops for All

I came across an interesting interview with Bruce Dixon, president of the Anytime Anywhere Learning Initiative, in the latest issue of TechLearning. In the interview Mr. Dixon discusses why all students should have laptop computers.

Here are a few of my favorite answers…

“If what we’re doing with computers is the same as what we did without them, then it’s not particularly useful. The next step is significantly improving the opportunities for learning by having a laptop in every child’s hands. For instance, what are the innovative ways that I can teach difficult mathematical concepts when every child has a laptop? Or, what if every child could go online and access original historical documents? Is it going to help them want to find out more? The answer is yes.” I work in a city where all high school students have laptops, and unfortunately, I see a lot of doing the same thing with computers as can be done on paper. It is difficult to get teachers to take the leap to try something new and give students some control over their learning, but once they do their classroom is transformed.

“If you ask people how they measure the success of one-to-one programs, sadly, most use short-term, superficial measures, such as an increase in test scores. Let’s be serious about how we’re going to measure significant improvement in opportunities for learning. We’ve got to be a lot more critical about what’s happening once the laptops get into kids’ hands.” <Sigh> It is always about the test scores.

You can read the entire interview here. By the way, if you don’t subscribe to TechLearning yet, you need to. It is free and informative!

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