Freshman Laptop Training

I teach in a district that provides laptops to every high school student.  Every year before we issue freshmen laptops on my campus we conduct a crash-course in laptop training.  This year we will have about four class periods to “train” the freshmen and then a class period to test them before they are allowed to receive their laptops. 

In the past we have covered the following topics:

  • Basic laptop care
  • The district’s acceptable use policy
  • Computer ethics (acceptable use, privacy, property)
  • Ways to back-up data
  • Validating and citing sources
  • Basic software skills

I am starting to plan for freshmen training this year, and I have already decided to add a component on Internet Safety (plus I-SAFE is scheduled to come out within the first month or so of school to speak to the freshmen). 

I would like some feedback from you as to how to improve upon the training… if you were issuing a laptop to a freshmen in high school, what would you teach him before letting him loose?

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