Ten Things High School Graduates Need to Know

Yesterday I expressed the desire that teachers and administrators reflect upon what they feel students of today need to know to be successful.  I referenced the SCANS report and a post by Guy Kawasaki, and I began to reflect upon the skills I think students need to have when they graduate high school (in addition to basic reading, writing and math skills).  So, here it is… the ten things I think high school graduates need to know.

  1. How to locate and manage information
  2. How to solve a problem
  3. How to work with a team
  4. How to effectively communicate both orally and written
  5. How to manage their finances
  6. How to manage their time
  7. How to use and trouble-shoot technology
  8. How to give an effective presentation
  9. How to manage conflict effectively
  10. Perserverance

So, what do you think?  What are your top ten skills?

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One Comment on “Ten Things High School Graduates Need to Know”

  1. Stephen Downes posted on this topic over on his blog. Give him a visit and read what he thinks…


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