Fun with Flickr Photos

I came across this site in a posting by Ewan McIntosh.  I haven’t had the chance to play with it much, but it seems pretty user friendly and kind of fun.  Ewan and Dean Shareski had the idea to have teachers create motivational posters to hang around the school (which I think is a great idea).  I think the site also has a lot of potential for student work as well such as…

  • Movie posters that illustrate a play, short story, novel, etc. that students have written or read
  • Billboards that use vocabulary words to persuade the audience to ___?___
  • Magazine covers that depict the life of a historical figure, literary character, scientist, mathematician, etc.

Just a couple of quick ideas… I am sure you have lots more.  Feel free to share your ideas as well as some student products.  We would love to see them!

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