Fun on the Web

It has been awhile since I have found some time to write, but I have some ideas in the mix so I am hoping to get them published over the next couple of days.  Until then I have some fun sites to share.  I may have shared some of them in the past, but they are always worth a second look.

  • – This site allows you to virtually dissect a frog (without actually having to touch or cut a dead one… eeewww).
  • Babylonian Culture – Narrated Babylonian myths with accompanying exercises and historical background.
  • Meet Me at Midnight – This is a really fun interactive website put together by the Smithsonian American Art Museum.  It allows students to learn some basic art concepts by solving a mystery.
  • Pente – You can play the logic game of Pente against a group of people using this interactive website.
  • Irish Potato Famine – This allows users to investigate and find information about the Irish Potato Famine (and it is fun). 

Hope you enjoy!

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