Crazy Hectic

It has been an out of control busy week for me.  I began by driving to Austin, Texas, Sunday to attend the TSTEM convention on Monday and then drove back Monday evening (so I got home around 10:00pm).

Tuesday I played catch-up at work and then attended the Bishop Dunne 100 Dinner with my husband who teaches and coaches at Bishop Dunne (so I got home about 10:30pm).  It was a nice dinner, a good time and I got to wear my new and fancy dress.

Wednesday during the day I had to finish getting ready for the Design Studio my school hosts and then Wednesday night the Design Studio participants arrived.  We had a meet and greet and dinner (so I arrived home at about 9:15pm).

Thursday and Friday I helped present for and facilitate the Design Studio groups.  We had exceptional participants from Lanier High School, North Salem High School and Waxahachie Global High School.  It was interesting to work with such diverse groups ranging from a high school that will open its doors in 2007 to a high school that has been open for 100 years. 

Although I always enjoy my time participating with the Design Studio, and it gives me time to reflect upon what is and isn’t working on my campus, I will be glad to get back to normal and hopefully slow down a bit.  Maybe I will even have some time to catch up on what has been happening over at the K12Online Conference.

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2 Comments on “Crazy Hectic”

  1. Nice theme!

    Did you get a chance to audio record any of the TSTEM workshops? i’d love to hear some of them.
    Anything new come from them, anything interesting?

    Miguel Guhlin
    Around the

  2. Miguel,

    Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to record any of the conference. Honestly, I was feeling a little frazzled and unorganized and was lucky to get any notes taken at all. I only attended one day of the conference and heard Margaret Kilgo speak about using data-driven instruction in Mathematics. It was a VERY indepth look at the TEKS/SEs and how to break them down in order to best understand how to teach to the TAKS… which is not really my area of interest. Yes, I got some benefit from the session, but at the same time, I can’t say I really enjoyed it. I do understand the need for the session since our students need to be able to pass TAKS in order to graduate, but I don’t understand the need for the test, so I had some philosophical hang-ups with the whole session…

    Thanks for your comment and sorry I don’t have any audio for you!

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