Squeezing in Time for the K12 Online Conference

Week two of the K12 Online Conference is about to begin and I am still trying to catch up on week one.  My goal is to try and view all of the presentations and then refer my teachers to the specific ones I think they will benefit from the most.

So far I have viewed/participated in the following presentations:

Derailing Education: Taking Sidetrips for Learning by David Warlick – I enjoyed this keynote address.  I especially liked the way Mr. Warlick addressed the role of the learner in today’s world.

Journey Through the Week as I Journey Up (and Down) the Road by Bud Hunt – In his keynote address Mr. Hunt discusses some of the same frustrations I have with web filtering.

Wiki Collaboration Across the Curriculumby Vicki Davis – Vicki’s presentation is a great resource to help teachers understand the pedagogy behind wikis and give them some step-by-step instructions on how to set up a wiki on Wikispaces.

I Did Not Know You Could Do That with Free Web Tools by Alan Levine – I enjoyed how Mr. Levine designed this presentation to allow the user to view the potential of the web 2.0 tool and then provided links and resources so the user could learn at his/her own pace.

Blog if You Love Learning: An Introduction to Weblogs in Education by Mark Wagner – So far, this has been my favorite presentation and the one I will probably refer most of my teachers too.  Although it is somewhat lengthy, it is pretty entertaining and it can stand alone as a step-by-step training tool.

I am hoping to have some more time tomorrow to catch up on more of the presentations.  One of the great benefits about the conference being on-line is that it is always there, so I can view it whenever I get the chance.  You are welcome to view the notes I have taken up to this point, and I would love to hear your thoughts on the sessions you have participated in… so feel free to share.

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