More K12 Online Conference

I am slowly (but steadily) making my way through the content in the K12 Online Conference.  These are the sessions I looked at last night (and I am hoping to have some time to participate in a few more today)…

Who’s Teaching Who? Are We Ready? by Chris Kaminski – I liked the short introductory video which gave student perspectives on the impact of technology on education.  I honestly was a little confused about the rest of the presentation… I think it was to be a model of how you can design your classroom to be student-centered and to encourage student discussion and involvement.

All About Internet Audio by Lee Baber – This presentation is a pretty advanced work at your own pace sort of session which allows participants to explore an organized website and learn as they go.  I definitely think it is useful for someone who already has some background knowledge in the area.

TIGed Basics: A Beginners Guide to Social Networking in the Classroom by Luke Walker – This presentation is an introduction to Taking it Global which is social networking with “a purpose.”  The introduction explains the basics about what social networking is but also discusses the benefits of teaching students to use social networking within a context like Taking it Global to help teach users about social issues and working toward a cause.  I definitely think this is a program that could be utilized in some of our classes (especially within some of our clubs and organizations).

I am still enjoying what I see and look forward to participating in more sessions today!

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