It Keeps Going… And Going… And Going

The K12 Online Conference is still in swing and I am still behind on the presentations I want to participate in.  I am slowly making my way through the material and am glad it will be there for me once the official conference has come to a close.

Here are my thoughts on the most recent presentations I have taken part in…

Second Nature Extending Dialogue in the Blogosphere by Lani Ritter Hall – This presentation offers some useful insights on how to help foster positive and constructive commenting on blogs to help extend the dialogue within your classroom.  There are also many links to thoughtful postings on teaching appropriate commenting.

Two-Way Teaching: An Overview of the Read/Write Web in Education by Mark Wagner – I think this is a great presentation to introduce teachers to the concept of the Read/Write Web, and I plan on sharing it with my staff.  I liked it!

RSS: A Four Part Series by James Gates and Kurt Paccio – This was a nice little four part series that introduces the concept of RSS, aggregators and social bookmarking.  It also gives a few tips as to how these resources can be used in class.  Great resource for those who want to get started.

Publish Your Podcast in Less Than Five Minutes Using Taking It Global by Robert Karulas – This is a very short presentation that shows how to publish an already created podcast to the Taking It Global website.  The TIG site seems to offer a simple way to publish podcasts but limits file size to 2MB or smaller.

Listening to the Voices: Student Empowerment Through Collaborative Learning Projects Beyond the School Walls by Sharon Peters – This presentation offers student perspectives on Web 2.0.  I especially like the interview with Sonny about Thomas Friedman’s book The World is Flat.

And so I continue on my journey of learning through the K12 Online Conference.  Feel free to take a peek at my notes to help you figure out which presentations will benefit you the most.

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