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Every Tuesday on my campus I organize something called Teaching and Learning Tuesdays.  Basically they are teacher or administrator led professional development sessions centered around technology or instructional strategies.  Teachers attend them and “teach” them on a voluntary basis (although I do encourage both.) 🙂

Today I conducted a session on the social bookmarking site  I have used the site personally since last school year and am convinced of its usefulness but was struggling when trying to come up with a “hook” to get my teachers excited about the potential uses of the site.  In preparation for my session I viewed some of the social bookmarking presentations from the K12 Online Conference and learned some new features and tips to share, but I still didn’t have my “hook.”

Turns out that my “hook” was pretty simplistic, and I had my epiphany this morning while washing my hair… “Why not have each department create a account to use to share bookmarks,” I thought.  Yeah, not much of an epiphany, but it turned out to be a pretty popular idea.  I had a teacher from each content area create an account for their department and share the username and password with their cohorts.  Now everyone from the department can tag websites and add them to their site which will cut down on some work (having to e-mail them out to the group) and everyone will have access.  Pretty nifty! 

We also got really fancy and added each department to the other’s networks so now we are a networked social bookmarking machine.  🙂

Hopefully the knowledge will now spread to the students.  How easy would it be to create a account for students studying the same topic so they could work together to share resources?  How about students in the same class period?  Teachers could even share with students from different class periods, different classes or different schools… pretty amazing really.

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