Digital Storytelling and YouTube in the Classroom

One of my English teachers offered her class extra credit to create a digital version of their written narrative.  One of her students took her up on it and did a fantastic job!  Take a look and leave him a comment if you like. Pretty cool!

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4 Comments on “Digital Storytelling and YouTube in the Classroom”

  1. John Evans Says:

    Well Done!

    Would love to see a copy of the steps you’ve taken to complete this task from project conception to posting to YouTube. I think this would be beneficial to other students and teachers looking to attempt similar projects.

    Keep up the good work!

    John Evans

    PS The blooper section was a great idea!
    St. Francois Xavier Community School

  2. Beverly Stone Says:

    This was really nice. Yes, I would also like to have the steps you took, What software did you use??

  3. I will see if I can get the steps for the project from Ms. Tole.

    The student used Microsoft MovieMaker to complete the project.

  4. mgolding Says:

    I really like this project. So much that I borrowed it for my classroom. The students are currently neck deep in their own storytelling projects.

    We’ve taken fairy tales and other writings they’d already written in Language Arts classes, read them into the computer with a microphone (using Audacity), and used Windows Movie Maker to combine the audio and pictures.

    I found it quite helpful to teach a few kids how to use the audio recording software and set them up as producers. They work with the readers so that a reader need focus only on reading their stories, not starting and stopping the software.

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