Great job!

Friday we had a visitor from the Auburn, Alabama, school district.  Basically he was here to get some ideas about how to implement a one-to-one initiative.  His school has begun by giving all 9th graders a laptop and is planning to phase the laptops in to the other grade levels.  So far the 9th graders have had the laptops for about two months and many of his teachers are unsure of what to do with them, so he was here to gather some ideas.

I got to show him around our building and take him in some of the classrooms so he could see what was going on.  And what was going on was a lot of learning and student engagement!  We saw some hands on labs, lots of differentiation, and integration of laptops alongside traditional materials.  We also saw active teachers – teachers walking around the room and monitoring and teachers conferencing with students.  We even had the chance to speak with some students and they told us what they were doing and how they use their laptops in class.

Great job everyone!!

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One Comment on “Great job!”

  1. John K. Brown Says:

    Showing other educators around The Academy and seeing it through their eyes is always one of the best ways to appreciate the good things that are going on. Feels good doesn’t it?!?!

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