Websites you might like

It has been awhile since I have posted useful websites I have come across, so I thought it might be time.  Here goes…

  • World Tales – This site offers folktales, myths and legends from around the world many of which have been cleverly animated. 
  • MathBits – There is a wealth of math resources on this site (links to Quia games, pre-made assignments for Geometer’s Sketchpad, PowerPoints, etc.), but my favorite recent addition to the site incorporates the use of video clips to help teach math concepts… fun.
  • Maybe you wanted to attend a high profile college but you just didn’t have the money or the grades to… now you can listen to podcasts of lectures from a variety of subject areas from Purdue and Berkley for free… nerdy, but interesting.
  • The Webquest Page from San Diego Universityis not a new site, but I wanted to share it in case you have not had the opportunity to come across it yourself.  Click on ‘portal’ and then ”find webquests to search for pre-made webquests by subject, topic and/or grade level.
  • On a somewhat recent drive to Kansas, my husband popped in a CD of the audio book for Freakonomics.  I had never listened to an audio book and was not pleased about the prospect of listening to one about economics – a subject I hated when in high school; however, much to my chagrin, I actually liked it and now subscribe to the Freakonomics blog to get an idea of how economics plays a part in our everyday lives… surprisingly enough, it is pretty entertaining.

Hope you find the sites useful!

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One Comment on “Websites you might like”

  1. Peter Says:

    Brilliant Website. Please take a look at my website. Let me know what you think.
    Maybe you will link to it…Thank You.

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