Survey Says…

Last week I sent out a survey to my staff to try and get an idea of what they would like me to offer for training this semester.  I was a little disappointed that only about 37% of the staff actually took the survey (it was a voluntary survey), but I will work with what I have.  The survey basically gave a topic and then asked whether or not the staff would be interested in attending a training session on this topic.  Here are the percentages of “Yes, I would be interested in attending this session,” I received for each topic.

I also asked for suggestions and the most common suggestion was help with creating, “jazzing” up, and publishing a webpage.

So, there are some clear winners and some clear losers along with some in the middle.  My plan is to offer a high-interest topic against a not so high-interest.  I also plan on individually contacting teachers who may have been in the minority on a topic and see if they would like some one-to-one assistance during their conference period.

Many of the training sessions mentioned in the survey (in fact, almost all) were repeats of sessions offered last semester, but with busy schedules, many teachers were not able to attend all of the sessions they would have liked to, or they got busy and didn’t use the information and have now forgotten it.  Hopefully the repeats will still be useful.  I usually ask for teacher volunteers to teach as many of the sessions as I can because I think it is important that many people on our campus are seen as “experts” – plus, people get tired of listening to me all of the time and this gives us some variety. 🙂

The training sessions are normally held on Tuesdays after school and range from 30 minutes to an hour in length.  I provide drinks and snacks and think I will even offer some door prizes this semester to encourage attendance. 

Hopefully this semester’s training will be a success.  I would love suggestions to improve the process so feel free to send them my way!!

By the way, many of the above links are to presentations created by me or others I have located on the web, so thank you to all of you for your help!

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