$100 Laptop Could Sell to the Public

One of my teachers sent me a link to this article yesterday, and I skimmed it, but did not get a chance to really read though it and reflect upon it until today.I have written before about the prospect of the $100 laptop and was interested to read up on some of the new developments of the project.I was particularly interested in this…

“The backers of the One Laptop Per Child project are looking at the possibility of selling the machine to the public. One idea would be for customers to have to buy two laptops at once – with the second going to the developing world.”

According to the BBC’s article, the OLPC laptops, which have been dubbed the $100 laptops, are running closer to $150 each.  So, if everything works out, someone could purchase two laptops for around $300, get one for themselves and send one to a child in a developing country.  I think this is an outstanding idea.

According to Mr. Bletsas, the chief connectivity officer of the project, “The aim is to connect the buyer of the laptop with the child in the developing world who receives the machine.’They will get the e-mail address of the kid in the developing world that they have, in effect, sponsored.'”

This sounds like a daunting task, but if OLPC can pull it off, I think it sounds like an amazing way to get laptops into the hands of children and get them connected to the world at large. I was also impressed at the role Google is taking in the project.

“The OLPC project is working with Google who will act as ‘the glue to bind all these kids together.’ Google will also help the children publish their work on the internet so that the world can observe the ‘fruits of their labour,’ said Mr Bletsas. He said that the hope was to put the machine on sale to the general public ‘sometime next year.'”

It even sounds like Ebay is planning to offer assistance by helping to minimize supply chain costs.I hope all of the organizations can work together and see this project through. OLPC has lofty goals and maybe with some help from their new team members all of their plans will come to fruition.I can’t wait to see what happens!

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