Apparently We Are Doing Something Right!

As I worked in my office today, I kept seeing a man in a suit and a man with a video camera being escorted around our building by our Assistant Principal. We have visitors quite frequently, but they normally don’t walk around with video cameras so I knew something was up… yeah, I am pretty perceptive. 🙂

Apparently, KTVT Channel 11 News was on campus to profile us for being a model school. You can watch the video clip on-line here.

Good for us! And good for the media for running a positive story about education! I know there are many great schools around, and I wish we would see more of them on the news.

Congratulations Academy staff and students! Apparently you are doing an outstanding job! But we already new that. 😉

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3 Comments on “Apparently We Are Doing Something Right!”

  1. John Brown Says:

    Well, that made my day!

    It’s great to see all of the hard work of the staff and students of The Academy get recognized. You can’t tell enough about the workings of the school in a short TV report like this one, but the reporter did a good job of highlighting some important points. Principal Robbin Wall nailed it with his comment that, “I think the most important thing that we do is develop a relationship with kids. They know we care about them.”

    The Academy has many attributes including career prepartion, academic integration, application of technology, and focus on core competencies. But, Robbin could not have chosen a more important point to emphasize.

    Congratulations to everyone at the school!

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