I came across Chinswing the other day, and I like the concept.  I have shared the site with a few of my teachers and have discussed ways they might use the site with their students.  Here are some of the ideas I have come up with…

  • Current Events  – Have students keep a record of current events (via Google Notebook, an aggregator, a blog or wiki, etc.) and give their thoughts/opinions on the current events via Chinswing.
  • Publishing – Create a channel for writing and have students read and publish their poems, shorts stories or essays for others to hear.
  • Debate – Pose a question or idea and have students discuss and support opposing viewpoints.  (For example – Is Global Warming something we should be concerned about?)
  • Method of Presentation – Students can use Chinswing to orally present information they have learned over a given topic (historical figure, scientific concept, etc).
  • Book Studies – Instead of giving students a list of questions to answer when you are reading your next short story, novel, article, etc., have them take place in an oral discussion.  Discussing in class is great too, but Chinswing will allow others outside of the class to take part in the discussion as well.
  • Stepping Stone – Another thing I like about Chinswing is that it offers an easy way to record and publish. Many educators are turned off of podcasting because they are unsure of the process; maybe Chinswing can be used as a stepping stone for teachers and students.

I am sure I have missed some outstanding ideas, so I would love to hear from anyone who has integrated Chinswing into their curriculum or is planning to.

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