Leadership Meme

Chris Lehmann over at  Practical Theory tagged me for Miguel’s leadership meme.

So, here goes…

What are seven things we don’t know about you that help you be a leader?

  1. I am honest and to the point (sometimes to a fault).
  2. When I believe in something, I am very passionate and quite tenacious.
  3. I continually search for knowledge and love to learn.
  4. I am able to see things from others’ perspectives and often try to do so.
  5. I love to debate but am okay with agreeing to disagree.
  6. I am a hard worker and am very organized.
  7. Although I like to be in charge most times, I am able to work well within a team environment.

My answers are short and concise… just like I like them. 🙂

I have decided not to tag anyone specifically.  Instead I am inviting you all to answer the question if you like.

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