Belated Thoughts on TCEA

I have been planning to post my thoughts from Thursday, February 8th, (which is the last day I attended TCEA) but I just haven’t had a chance.  I attended some interesting sessions and got some good ideas.

I learned about some useful tools in a presentation by Wesley Fryer and some of his colleagues from AT&T – Global Voices – Distance Learning Projects with Interactive Podcasting and VoIP.  They shared information about VoIP  services from YackPack, Springdoo and Gabcast(which is blocked in my district).  So far I have only had a chance to really play around with YackPack.  I have shown it to a few of my teachers and we have created a pack to brainstorm potential uses with students.  It is amazingly easy to use and has some great potential uses for the classroom.

Another interesting presentation I attended was Mapping Strategies for Integrating GIS into the Classroom by Eric Bowman.  In this session we looked at several on-line mapping programs such as Google Earth and NASA World Wind as well as lessons via GIS Mapping on the Web.  My school is planning to attempt the implementation of  GIS data and GPS units into the curriculum next year, so this is an area I definitely need to become more knowledgeable about.  I also learned that Eric Bowman will be presenting in Dallas at Bishop Dunne’s Geotech 2007 Conference in March and I plan on attending to learn more.

Overall, I came away from TCEA with some great resources and some good ideas.  If you were unable to attend the TCEA convention but would like to read up on what others learned, then visit David Warlick’s Hitchhikr site and you can see what everyone else is saying.

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