The Power of Connections

Jeff Utecht at The Thinking Stick has written a thought provoking entry about the power of connections via web 2.0. His entry is quite apropos in the context of my previous entry.

 I particularly like this thought from Jeff, “…This whole experience has me thinking about our students and the content they produce on the web. Everything from the videos my students have on YouTube to their personal Myspace accounts. It’s a great lesson that content can lay dormant for a long time, and it only takes one connection to bring it to life. I think about our high schoolers today who are putting things on the web that today seem harmless, but tomorrow could cost them their job, or impact a family member or friend’s career. There is a lesson here that connections are constantly being formed; everything and anything you put on the web can be connected to. Our students, no matter what their grade, are creating their digital profiles, a profile that is clickable, connectable, and tells a story of who they are.”

The Internet is PUBLIC and it is archivedStudents may not advertise what they create, but that does not mean that someone will not stumble upon it.  We need to constantly reiterate this idea to our students because I would hate for them to post something today that might upset their lives years from now.

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