One Word… BEATING!

There was an eerie quiet in the hallways today. At first glance our school seemed to be absent of students, but we seasoned educators know what this means… TESTING.

Today students all across Texas suffered through the ELA section of the TAKS test while teachers suffered through the task of watching students test for hours on end… talk about boring.

We had students testing at the ninth, tenth and eleventh grade levels, and we also had seniors retaking the exit level who still need to pass it. We had the added joy of out of school testers on our campus today which means students who have “graduated” credit-wise but have yet to pass all four sections of the TAKS. We even had TAAS testers… talk about perseverance.

All in all the day went well. There were no irregularities and students seemed to take the test very seriously (so seriously in fact that over 100 students had not finished testing by the end of the school day and since it is not timed they could still be testing for all I know).

One test down and three to go in April… beating.

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4 Comments on “One Word… BEATING!”

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  2. John Brown Says:

    I’m thinking of making this day a commemorative holiday for we retirees who no longer need endure it!

  3. Kathy Says:

    Definitely, a beating. I hate TAKS, must have walked 10 miles in my own classroom Tuesday. On the upside, I can always use the exercise. But, the best part of the day had to be the dill pickle & chips that came with the special delivery sandwich from Jason’s deli. A nice, much appreciated treat that our administrators provided for us.

  4. Dr. Brown – I think TAKS day should be a holiday for us all… with NO testing! 🙂

    Kathleen – I like the pickle too!

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