Donors Choose

I am trying really hard to get some GPS units for my school.  I have written some letters and sent them to Garmin and am awaiting their response.

I have also submitted a proposal on DonorsChoose, but so far no one has contributed to our cause.  This is the first time I have tried the Donors Choose site, and I really like the idea behind it.

I was wondering if any of you have had any experience with the site or if you have some other ideas about how I might go about getting some GPS units.  I would love to hear your ideas!

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4 Comments on “Donors Choose”

  1. Angela, I hope you get the funding you are looking for. It is truly amazing the technology we available at the consumer level. I started geocaching with my 4th grade daughter several months ago and have been surprised every time I go out. We only have the $100 Garmin Foretrex, but have never missed a cache yet. Check out the details of our first two GPS-guided adventures here.

    I put a handheld GPS unit in the same category as an iPod when it comes to being one of the best pieces of technology to connect the virtual/digital world with the physical one. The opportunities are unlimited. Good luck with your project!

  2. Andy Kaplan Says:

    I’m from DonorsChoose. Your GPS project looks terrific. At DonorsChoose, our data suggests that when the cost of a project exceeds $500, the probability of the project getting funded diminishes. What some teachers do is break up the project into parts. In this case, you might start with one or two gps units. After the first project is funded, you could post the second project, along with a great story about how the first couple of gps units were a great learning experience for the class. We’d like to see your initiative succeed. I hope this helps.

  3. Darren,

    Garmin sent me 8 units so I should be up and running soon!

    Thanks for your well wishes.

  4. Andy,

    I have taken your advice and ask to have the units I requested reduced to 2 units. Hopefully that will help me get funded.

    Thanks for yor help!

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