Garmin ROCKS!!

I am so excited!!  I just received a box from Garmin with eight GPS units as a response to the letter I sent them. I am now going to change my Donors Choose proposal for fewer units so hopefully it will fund more quickly.


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3 Comments on “Garmin ROCKS!!”

  1. […] my teachers, one of my Vice Principals and I went geocaching for the first time to test our our new Garmin eTrex GPS units.  We used Groundspeak’s geocaching website and located 4990 caches in our area… […]

  2. […] groups, briefly explained the concept of geocaching, gave them each a GPS unit to use (donated by Garmin), and we headed outside.  We demonstrated how to enter the first coordinates (special thanks to […]

  3. […] since Garmin has been so generous to me in the past, I am glad my husband purchased one of their GPS units. Posted in GPS, Garmin, Google […]

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