My First Geocaching Experience

Friday a couple of my teachers, one of my Vice Principals and I went geocaching for the first time to test our our new Garmin eTrex GPS units.  We used Groundspeak’s geocaching website and located 4990 caches in our area… amazing.  We decided on one multi-cache and two regular caches, and we were on our way.

The multi-cache consisted of coordinates to some plaques at a park which included historical  information and various dates.  We then had to use these dates to get the coordinates to the next cache.  It was great fun and we were successful in finding all three caches. We got outside, got some exercise and had some fun! It took us about 1 1/2 hours to navigate to all three caches and locate them… not bad for our first time.

Check out the video I posted on YouTube if you would like to see us in action.

After viewing the video, you may be curious as to who Monkey is.  He is a finger puppet I picked up at the craft fair earlier this year and he has become our unofficial geocaching mascot. 🙂

Now that I understand the logistics of  geocaching, I would love you to help me brainstorm some ways to integrate it in the classroom. Ideas?

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3 Comments on “My First Geocaching Experience”

  1. M. Tucker Says:

    Welcome to our RASH. I am also a teacher and a geocacher. Check out the GPS in Education string in the Groundspeak forums on . Iowa Tom has his own education forum.

  2. mario guerrero Says:

    I think the movie was very funny. It was great!

  3. Johnnygeo Says:

    Great little movie… lol

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