My Spring Break in Italy

Sunday night my husband and I returned from our Spring Break trip to Italy. We spent 4 days in Venice and 2 days in Rome and had an AMAZING time.

My husband went a little crazy with the picture taking (about 700), but you can check them out over at Flickr if you have some time to spare. I haven’t done any editing so not all of the pictures are of stellar quality.

The trip was great. Flights were good. We stayed in at a nice bed and breakfast in Venice with a great view of the canal from our window, and we stayed in an amazing bed and breakfast in Rome.

We got to see the majority of Venice and we visited the islands of Murano and Burano… BEAUTIFUL.

In Rome we saw the Coloseum, lots of fountains, The Forum, the Sistine Chapel, the Panthenon and we spent some time in Vatican City. There was sooo much to see that I got a little overloaded… and really tired. The juxtaposition of the ancient runes and buildings dispersed throughout a modern city was interesting to see.

The Romans definitely constructed their buildings with great pride. I was amazed at the size of some of the structures and the ornateness of much of the decoration.

My favorite places, experiences, etc., of the trip were…

  • Walking around in Venice and discovering restaurants, shopping, churches and town squares
  • I also like learning about the glass blowing process in Murano and seeing how their artistic pieces are created.
  • Burano was a super cute island whose main product is lace. We got a couple of things for Kyle’s grandparents and then I picked up some high-quality pashminas for myself and some others. In fact, we picked up quite a few Christmas presents on this trip.
  • St Peter’s Basilica was probably my favorite thing to see. The mosaics were breathtaking.

Italy is certainly worth a trip. I hadn’t gone before, but now I think I need to go again. 🙂

Hope you enjoy the pics.

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