Geography Newscasts

The students in Mr. Wyrick’s Honors World Geography class have just completed their first of three video podcasts

The students worked together in collaborative groups to create newscasts about regions of the world they were currently studying.  Students were expected to each have an assigned role within the group and to utilize Movie Maker and Audacityto create their video podcast.  Before submitting their video podcasts students were expected to view and critique at least two other group’s assignments.

I think the students did a great job for their first attempts.  I have posted the video podcasts over on YouTube (although after posting, I found out about TeacherTube over on Cool Cat Teacher, and I may use it next time).

Take a few minutes and watch a couple of the newscasts and leave the students some positive comments and/or constructive criticism (you can leave the comments here or over on YouTube).  This is their first attempt in a series of three, so I am sure they would like to know what they can do to improve.

Also, if you have any ideas about how to improve upon the assignment, I would love to hear those as well.

As the use of technology increases in education and web 2.0 finds its way in to more classrooms, I hope to see more lessons that give students a chance to create a product… not just answer multiple choice questions.

Good job guys!

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25 Comments on “Geography Newscasts”

  1. BoB Camunas Says:

    I found this project to by interesting, fun, and a learning experience! I learned how to per say be a news caster and also I learned more about making videos. I found some of the stories we found to be fairly interesting!

  2. Jolisa Buckley Says:

    The ones that i watched were very good. I enjoyed learnig about the news in the different parts of the world.

  3. Veronica Hernandez Says:

    I belive they were all good. They thought me a little bit more of different countries and they were also creative in some things.

  4. Omar Sandoval Says:

    I was excited about this project. It was very interesting and i am looking forward to make another podcast in the near future.

  5. Nasrul Bhuiyan Says:

    I think that the podcasts were all made well. Every one of the students gave a lot of information about their countries.

  6. Leydin Sanchez Says:

    I noticed that the videos had good information although no one really seemed excited to make their video. It was good because it was educational and it could help out with something.

  7. Parth Shah Says:

    I liked this project very much, all of the groups did a great job. To imporve on the video I saw with Spencer, maybe try a different area to film. Other than that, great video.

  8. roberto aguilar Says:

    the videos were very well made and you could notice they put alot of effort on the videos.

  9. wynn (A.K.A el zelcho) Says:

    they were all good i think we should all try a little harder next time

  10. Austin K Says:

    I found this project to be fun nd everyone did an outstanding job and it was a good learning experience.

  11. Fahim Choudhury Says:

    The videos in this project are all very good for the first time and they all gave great information. One issue for all the groups is the fact that no one really seemed to emphasize their voice and try to make the presentation seem exciting. It was difficult to understand what any group was saying because they were trying to rush through the presentation. Other than that, good job.

  12. Spencer Feazel Says:

    they were all pretty good but some could have been better. And Spencer and Nasruls video was great. Probably the best one!

  13. el zelcho Says:

    to the owner of the white sedan you parked on a squirl

    anyway they were all good but spencers and nasruels are the best what now parth

  14. Mauro Says:

    I think all the videos are very interesting because I learned information that I did’nt knew in the past. Anyways like Fajim says we need to act professional so we caan look like actual reportes.

  15. Servando Cardoza Says:

    The videos were good, but next tiem wew should do soemthing funny. and Nasrul(aka El Zelcho) ours is better than both yours and Parth’s

  16. Mariano Says:

    the projects were ok.
    I think we should have done better since we had like 6 weeks.. but it was our first time, so i guess they’re ok

    but they better get better… or else

  17. wynn montgomery Says:

    i think most people did a great job but some people need to work harder next time for example my group

  18. Ashley Mora Says:

    I think that over all they all were well but one thing that could improve is the excitment, no one acted like they wanted to be there. Be happier.

  19. Since many of you mention the on camera presentation as an area where you need to improve, maybe Mr. Wyrick could invite Mr. Jackson (media tech teacher)or a couple of the ANN students to give you a couple of pointers.

  20. Shaun J. Says:

    The idea with the ANN students coming in & helping sounds like a very good idea. He really should do that.

  21. Taylor Rash Says:

    The projects were all pretty good considering it was our first time. I think the next time around we will do a lot better.

  22. Filiberto Hernandez Says:

    i think the project was a good idea it helped us research different parts of Eroupe and what was happening in that side of the world.

  23. Willis Brown Says:

    the project was hard to understand at first but once we did more with the camera we got a better understanding of it

  24. Antonio Velazquez Says:

    Some people made really good videos and did a good job on finding interesting stories from around the world. Good Job!

  25. Alan Says:

    All of the projects were great even though at first it was confusing but we made it through. Great Job everyone!!!

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