Developing an On-Line Class

I have been asked to help create an on-line Health Course to be offered in my school district during the summer school sessions this summer (and possibly as an option for students next school year).

Since I am not a Health teacher, my role will be more on course design and the logistics of actually creating the course, as well as offering suggestions for creating lessons that can be taught effectively in an on-line environment.  I will work in cooperation with a Health instructor who will create the actual lessons.

I certainly have experience using Blackboard and creating English classes with on-line components, but I have never created an entire course on-line, so I would love some suggestions on best practices.

  • What components do effective on-line courses have? 
  • How do I set up a useful and effective discussion forum which motivates students to participate?
  • What types of assignments work best in an on-line environment?

I have some ideas, but I would love your thoughts and experiences as well.

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5 Comments on “Developing an On-Line Class”

  1. jwitter Says:

    You should definitely include a Flickr based assignment, where the students scavenger hunt for concepts they are studying or share pictures of themselves illustrating the concepts.

    One added bonus is that the students will get to see other students from the class, even though it is online.

  2. Keith Says:

    I think an interesting component would be to have students track their dietary habits and work out routine in a excel spreadsheet and post them weekly and have an online discussion about it. I also think discussions over movies like Super Size Me or books such as Fast Food Nation would interesting as well.

  3. dwilson Says:

    The discussion forum will be an essential piece to connect the learners to each other…and to the facilitator. I am active in several online communities built around a discussion board, and love that format. With that being said, the Discussion Board found in Blackboard is not conducive to anything (other than frustration).

    You might want to look at PHPBB. Someone could build an entire course just using that free software.

    To see what I mean, take a look at my favorite learning community. The depth and breadth of information is amazing. The speed and effeciency of the exchange (teaching/learning) is staggering. And a several of the folks I know in that community, are also members here, which strengthens relationships on a whole new level. Releationships, both between people and subject areas.

  4. jwitter Says:

    How about a wiki for everything that has been thought to cause cancer?

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