A Winding Path…

Let me go ahead and warn you… I am not sure exactly where this post is going, but I had an experience yesterday that I feel like sharing…

Yesterday on the way home from the gym, I decided I wanted breakfast for dinner but knew that all I had at home was frozen waffles, so I needed to stop by the store.  The problem is that I had already passed the store where I usually shop and was not sure where another store was located, so as I exited the highway to make my way home (because at this point I had resigned myself to just have something else for dinner), I noticed a Sack and Save in a nearby shopping area and decided to pull in there to get my groceries.

I must say that I had never before been in a Sack and Save, and I was in an area of town that would not be deemed very good by most people.  Needless to say, I made my way in and started searching for the items that I needed: turkey bacon for me and regular bacon for my husband, Eggbeaters for me and regular eggs for my husband, yogurt, bread and some soy milk.  I was a little surprised at the items the store had available for purchase – there were no whole grain breads, no Eggbeaters, two choices of yogurt, one choice of turkey bacon and one choice of soy milk.  There were lots of canned food, chips, white bread, sausages, snack cakes, and other items that lack nutritional value, but I found what I could and made my way to the check out where the person in front of me paid with a check… an actual check that she wrote out…  it has been awhile since I have seen that. 

Once my items were scanned and went down the little conveyor belt, I sort of stood there and waited, and then it dawned on me.  Duh!  Sack and Save… I need to sack my own groceries.  So I did and I left.

On my way home I thought about my experience.  First of all, I decided Sack and Save was not really any cheaper than the Super Target where I usually do my shopping.  Secondly, the experience made me think back to my Ruby Payne conference because the majority of the people who live around this particular store are probably economically disadvantaged, and they are offered a poor selection of foods at their local grocery store and charged a somewhat inflated rate.  And finally, this experience made me think of the parents of many of our students.

I felt out of place in this store.  I couldn’t find what I wanted, and I didn’t know how the logistics of the store worked.  I think that many of our parents feel similar to this when they come to school for parent conferences, meet the teacher, and open house.  They don’t know where to go, they may not speak English, and many of them feel uncomfortable because they may not be “educated”.

My experience at Sack and Save compared to parent conferences may seem like a stretch, but I became contemplative on my way home from the store and this is where my thoughts lead me… a winding path, I know.

I may just have had parent conferences on my mind because we had them on Saturday, and we had a great turn-out.  So, whether the parents felt uncomfortable or not, many of them made it up here to take part in the child’s education, and I give them kudos for that!!

Sorry for the rambling… I will try to post something more cohesive later.

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One Comment on “A Winding Path…”

  1. John K. Brown Says:

    This actually makes a lot of sense and seems very cohesive to me. I think it an astute observation!

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