What a Difference Time Makes

Yesterday was graduation for our campus.  I attended the ceremony, and like every year, was a line leader to guide seniors to their seats and direct them when and where to walk. As a line leader, I have the privilege of being in the “staging area” with the seniors as they get ready for commencement to begin.

Last night as I listened to the conversations and watched the interactions, I couldn’t help but remember these seniors when I first met them… as freshmen.  It is amazing the change many of them have made from uncontrolled, immature kids to self-possessed, responsible young adults.

As I listened to the speeches given by our Salutatorian and Valedictorian, I was greatly impressed with the accomplishments these two young ladies have already attained.  Both young ladies discussed how they overcame obstacles (such as coming to this country and learning English) with hard-work, perseverance and support from their families, and both advised their fellow classmates to remember their past but to look towards their future.

After the seniors picked up their diplomas, I walked amongst the crowd and visited with former students – students I taught last year and students I taught eight years ago when I first began my career.  It was amazing to see how much they have changed in such a short period of time.  And although they were not all the “best” students, they are all doing something positive now: attending community college, attending universities, working as a diesel mechanic, working at FedEx. 

As a teacher, we hope for the best when students leave our classroom, but it is assuring to see them doing well and making responsible choices.  When the “class clown” or the “thug” is trying my nerves next year, I am going to try to envision them a few years down the road and hopefully this thought will be enough to help me hold on to my sanity. 🙂

So, as our graduates go out into the world, I have a few wishes for them…

I hope…

  • when you fall, you get back up and persevere
  • when you make a bad choice, you learn from it and move forward
  • you find success and happiness
  • you look for the good in people
  • you remember where you come from when you make it big
  • you never stop learning
  • you give back more than you take
  • you love
  • you attain your dreams, however big or small they are
  • you listen to your heart as well as your head
  • you remember your teachers

Good luck to all of you.  I am proud of you!

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One Comment on “What a Difference Time Makes”

  1. John K. Brown Says:

    Nice thoughts Angela. It is great to see them coming of age and heading for hopefully bright futures!

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