My Life Doesn’t Revolve Around My Blog…

I know… I know… it has been 14 days since I last posted here, and honestly, I have had the time, but I have just been taking a break.  I opened my Netvibes for the first time in about a week and a half and was beaten down by all of the interesting stuff I have been missing out on, but it is okay… I will catch up eventually.  I have been working in the yard, going to the gym and reading (a lot), and I have enjoyed my little respite from the blogosphere.

I have also been working on the planning of my English III course for next year.  I started this nifty little wiki to help me plan.  I am also working cooperatively with a US History teacher on my campus so we can hopefully help our students see the connections between US History and American Literature.  He has a nifty little planning wiki too.

Right now, I am just outlining what we will be reading and such, but I hope to start creating my Blackboard course soon with specific units and assignments.  As I work on specific assignments, I would LOVE some input from you.  I would like to incorporate blogs, wikis, podcasts, RSS feeds, digital storytelling and other web 2.0 tools somewhat seamlessly in my course next year.  I would also really like to participate in some book studies and/or collaborative projects with students in other school districts, states, and/or countries… anyone interested?  Another goal I have is to have students keep an electronic portfolio of their best work, refelctions, etc.  Please share your ideas with me about how you have incorporated these tools in your classroom and how I might want to use them in mine.  What has worked well?  What hasn’t? Help! Please?

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