I looked at Shelfari awhile back, but didn’t do anything with it and forgot about it until my husband showed it to me again last week.  I also noticed that my English department head has it listed as a resource in our Blackboard course, so I thought I would revisit it.  So, I have been building my bookshelf and thinking about how I might be able to use Shelfari with my students this school year.

Here are my initial thoughts:

  • In general, I think it would be great for teachers to create a site and share it with their students simply so students can see what their teachers read and teachers can set a good example by modeling reading.
  • I can set up a group for my students so they can rate and discuss the books we read in class (and the books they read outside of class). They can also recommend books to each other and hopefully help foster the love of reading.
  • Teachers, administrators, teams, etc. can use the site when we participate in book discussions.
  • Students and teachers can use it as a type of reading journal to keep track of the books they read and what they liked/disliked about each one.

I am not sure the site is anything I will use for a “grade.”  I am thinking I might just share it with my students and encourage them to use it.  I know not all of my students will enjoy the site, but there are always students each year who love to read, so this site will be fun for them and it might help make reading a little more interactive and enjoyable for students who don’t always enjoy reading.

If you use Shelfari, you are welcome to add me as a friend (astevens) so we can share thoughts on the books we read.  I would also love to hear any thoughts you have on applications for Shelfari in the classroom.

Have a great day!

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6 Comments on “Shelfari”

  1. sulz Says:

    there are actually a lot more sites similar to this around the internet. personally, i prefer librarything’s layout and user-friendliness but the only down part is we only get to catalog 200 books for free and the rest have to be paid a lifetime fee. others like reader2, gurulib, allconsuming, delicious library, bookpedia and goodreads are free, though librarything seems to be the best in terms of features. shelfari is pretty good too, especially since it’s free.

  2. Dave Says:

    I’d bet that students will be more likely to engage in discussion and engagement in the communication media they understand best: social networking and social media.

    There’s an interesting group of AP English Teachers who are discussing this on Shelfari.

    –Dave from Shelfari

  3. Sulz,

    Thanks for the mention of the other sites. I will take a look, but I am enjoying Shelfari pretty much right now… like you said, especially since it’s free. 🙂

  4. Dave,

    I think you’re right. I know many of my students who will enjoy using a site like Shelfari. I can’t wait to share it with them. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Sharon Says:

    I do plan on using this site with my classes just as you mentioned Angela. I set up a site already for my English II and English III courses. I do think our students will find it enjoyable. I am finishing a book titled The Secret Life of Bees which is excellent. Tomorrow I will start a new book titled How to Read Literature Like a Professor. I’ve read many posts from an AP Forum that it’s a great book for students to read. I can’t wait to add these titles to my bookshelf.

  6. I enjoyed Secret Life of Bees as well and I have How to Read Literature Like a Professor on my wish list, so you will have to let me know how it is. I am enjoying the site immensely!

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