Taking a Stand

I was encouraged when I came across this article yesterday. Apparently two boys at Central Kings Rural High School in Nova Scotia, Canada, decided to take a stand against bullying.

It seems that a new student to the school was harassed and threatened for wearing a pink shirt to school, so the two boys rallied together and the next day over 400 students wore pink to demonstrate their stance against the bullies.

You can read more about it here.

I would like to applaud these two young men as well as the students who took a stand against bullying. Good for you! Perhaps if we all took steps like this when we saw someone being treated unfairly the world would be a nicer place to live (and school would be a nicer place for everyone to attend).

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One Comment on “Taking a Stand”

  1. aeisenbe Says:

    I also saw the article and was very impressed with the maturity of those that helped the boy being picked on. Hopefully this will be a trend in the future.

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