Online Meetings and Whiteboards

My husband asked me the other day if I knew of a program (a free one) that would allow one of his math teachers to assist students with their math homework via the Internet.  I always bookmark sites I think may be useful at some point, so the first place I went was to my handy bookmarks.  I had several sites marked, and had looked at each of them briefly when I tagged them, but had not spent much time with any of them.

These are the sites I sent him:

And then yesterday, I came across WIZiQ  on David Warlick’s blog.  It has an interactive whiteboard, chat, file transfer and archiving features.

These sites are pretty fun and offer some great resources, but I am trying to figure out where, if anywhere, they might fit into my classroom.  I use Blackboard during school hours, and if I offered tutoring a night via my home, I could do it through the virtual classroom features in Blackboard.

So, is there a place for this type of technology in my classroom or at my school?  I would love to hear your ideas or know how you are using these tools with your students.

Have a good day!

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