Working at My Own Pace

So, I am a little behind, but I have begun viewing some of the presentations from the K12 Online Conference 2007. And really, in actuality, I am not “behind” because the presentations are online for me to access whenever it is convenient for ME. What a concept… I can learn whenever I want on my own time. Apparently professional development doesn’t have to take place in a room with a lot of other teachers; it can take place on my couch while I’m in my pj’s… NICE! Did I mention I can pause presentations and come back to them later… OUTSTANDING!

So far I have only completed one presentation. I watched pieces of David Warlick’s pre-conference presentation last week, and I just finished Clarence Fisher’s keynote for School 2.0.

Some ideas I have gleaned so far. ..

  • It isn’t about geographic location anymore. Learning can take place where and when it is convenient. No matter where you live or go to school, you can “travel” outside of your town and interact with others around the world.
  • We have to change the way we teach – teach students to be creative, solve problems, collaborate – stop teaching students to simply memorize and spit back information
  • Tools are very important… especially FREE tools like Wikispaces, Voicethread, WordPress, etc. Big THANKS to those of you providing teachers and students with such valuable resources.
  • Students are now “prosumers” – creators of information
  • Relationships are changing and important between students, students and teachers and those outside of our classroom
  • Attitude towards education needs to change – redefine what happens in our classrooms and redefine our attitudes towards what classrooms look like
  • Learning is something that is networked; it is something that we do together
  • Technology is about connections

So, are you interested in learning more, and possibly participating in the conference yourself? Head on over there when you get a chance… whenever that is… midnight, the weekend, tomorrow, once you have put the kids to bed… whenever it is convenient for YOU because that is what Learning 2.o is all about. 🙂

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