Today was a good day!

We had visitors from Georgia on campus today to participate in Design Studio.  I usually am involved in the presentation of materials, but today I was involved in the observation.  Since I am TEACHING again this year, I had some of the Design Studio participants come by my room to observe a Layered Curriculum unit and see my students in action.

The layered unit we worked on today centered around Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, The RavenPoe is pretty difficult for many of my students to grasp, but they did very well.  I have attached the layers in case you want to take a look.

You are welcome to use the lesson above as is or edit to fit your style.  You can find an audio reading here and the Simpsons rendition here.

The unit is short and sweet, but it gives students options and addresses different learning styles; and honestly, it didn’t take me any longer to plan this lesson than a “traditional” one. 

Today was a good day. EVERYONE in ALL classes completed the C Layer, most did the B Layer, a few completed the A Layer, and they can finish it for homework, so I am hoping to have lots of good grades on this assignment… oh, and by the end of the class period, most of the kids understood what was happening in the poem. SCORE!
Teaching is hard work and we sometimes tend to accentuate the bad days, but I think we need to hold on a little tighter to the good days. They are what it is all about.

** By the way, for those of you who are interested in creating some layered units, I suggest starting with something small (like the lesson attached) so the students can get used to the concept before you branch out into larger, more complex layered units… just a little free advice. 🙂

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