Setting a Good Example… I Hope

My students are editing their This I Believe essays tomorrow and turning in the written copy to me.  We are supposed to begin recording an audio version on Thursday using Audacity, and then they will add some music and make it a podcast… I will let you know how it goes. 🙂

Before they began writing, I shared my This I Believe essay with student, so I figured I needed to show them an audio example as well.  You can listen to mine on the podcast page of our school webpage.  It is my first “official” podcast, and I think I did pretty well. For some reason the students are a little freaked out about recording their voices, so I am not requiring them all to publish their podcasts.  I am requiring them all to record, so they can get the experience and see how Audacity works, and then I am giving five extra points for publishing.  I am hoping they will see that Audacity is easy to use and that recording can be fun… and then they might choose podcasting as an option of presentation for some of their future projects.

Here is the rubric I created in case you are interested –  this-i-believe_podcast-rubric.doc

I am hoping all goes well… we will see, and I will keep you posted.

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2 Comments on “Setting a Good Example… I Hope”

  1. Mark Ahlness Says:

    This sounds fantastic! One of the few times I wish I were teaching older kids 🙂 Looks like you have done wonderful prep work – now it’s all up to the kids (well, mostly). I’ve subscribed to your podcast feed and look forward to listening to your students. Best of luck! – Mark

  2. […] November 11th, 2007 — musingsfromtheacademy My students have been working on a This I Believe essay.  They finished them and turned them in and Thursday we were supposed to begin recording a podcast […]

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