RCA Small Wonder

On Friday my VP delivered a box of 12 RCA Small Wonder video recorders. It felt like Christmas as we unwrapped the box, tore open the individual boxes, wrestled with how to get the cameras out of the plastic shell they were encased in, and assembled the little cameras by adding the wrist strap, placing an asset number on them and putting them in their individual faux-velvet bags.

Sarah and I laughed at the name “Small Wonder” and reminisced about the 80’s sitcom of the same name.  Good times!

We purchased the cameras because we are hoping they will be easy for students to use when they create digital stories and other projects. So, I took one home to review, and these are my findings:

It is definitely easy to use. There are only four buttons, no cable needed since you download via USB, and really that is about it. After playing with it a little, I think they will be great for student projects. The resolution could be a little better on the downloaded videos, but for under $100 what can you expect?  I CANNOT stand to hear my voice record via the Small Wonder because it sounds even more cartoonish that normal… seriously, I sounded about two.  But, all in all, I am pretty happy with them.

You can see some samples of the video quality by viewing the video clips (posted on Youtube) of my dog in her new pajamas below… sorry, no audio.

Oh, and I know it is a little strange that my dog is wearing pj’s, but they keep her warm and she likes them. 🙂

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2 Comments on “RCA Small Wonder”

  1. Mark Ahlness Says:

    Angela, I just had to laugh, looking at your videos. My first small wonder video (shot 5 minutes out of that impossible plastic wrapper) was of my cat Lincoln. I showed it the next day at school to a colleague, and the response was “you let your cat walk on the counter? I bet your wife wasn’t home”. Another laugh. Am really looking forward to getting my third graders into some video production this year, and this tool is definitely easy to use. Good luck with yours – Mark

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