Wheels Off

My students have been working on a This I Believe essay.  They finished them and turned them in and Thursday we were supposed to begin recording a podcast version of their essay, but instead, the wheels flew off the entire operation.  I took time the class period before to log in to all of my students laptops and install the audio driver because their mics did not work. We tested a few and all was working well, so we thought we were prepared for recording on Thursday.  But, “HA!” the technology gods had the last laugh because on Thursday, of my 63 students, only 8 were able to record.  DOH! Talk about frustrating.

Of course, Friday I had someone from the district out to help research and fix the problem, and everything worked fine.  The handful of the students I pulled in to test were able to record as soon as we installed the drivers. Isn’t that how it always works?  When the expert is there, everything appears fine.

Well, we are not giving up.  We are going to try again on Wednesday, so keep your fingers crossed that this time luck (and technology) will be in our side.

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