I Have Been Very, Very Bad…

It has been quite some time since I have written on my blog on a consistent basis… I just always seem to be so busy. And honestly, being busy is not an excuse. I know many people who update their blogs much more frequently and who are busier than I am, so really I just haven’t had a lot to say or haven’t made writing my priority.  And, I am not going to promise now that I will write more frequently, because I may not.  We will just have to see what comes.

So, now that I have established why I have not written, let me get to why I am writing… and basically, it is because I have some things to share.

The first thing I would like to share are a couple of my students’ This I Believe podcasts. The relatively simple assignment of having my students record their essays turned into a complete BEATING because of hardware issues.  Apparently their laptops (Dell 505s) don’t want to recognize external microphones. We got them working by installing the audio drivers again but then the laptops wouldn’t “hold” the fix, so after they restarted them they could no longer record… lots of frustration on my end and we still haven’t got the problem fixed. But my students and I persevered, and you can listen to the podcasts of the students who agreed to have theirs published… not very many, but it is a start.

Next, I want to make sure you know about Free Rice.  It is simple concept – you review vocabulary and for each answer you get correct, you earn a grain of rice which is donated to a country in need. You can read more about the site here, here and here.  And a warning – it is a little addicting (especially for nerds like me).

And, if you haven’t checked out my school’s on-line art gallery, you really need to because it is OUTSTANDING! There is some seriously good artwork there folks…seriously.

That is really about all for now. I will be writing an upcoming article about our district’s media fair. My school had some really good entries. Oh, and the coolest part… a portion of the entries from the district’s media fair will be placed on-line for “experts” in the field to vote on the best in each category.  Pretty fancy!  I will share the info soon.

And a good day to you!

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4 Comments on “I Have Been Very, Very Bad…”

  1. Well done! The podcasts are great!

    So….what will you change next time to help alleviate your frustrations?

  2. drawingfromlife Says:

    Thanks for the kudos on the gallery! Don’t feel too bad, I haven’t written since mid October. This time of year is very rushed and a little stressful. I love them, but I’m always glad when the holidays are over.

  3. […] Need You!! December 17, 2007 — musingsfromtheacademy In my last post I referenced Irving ISD’s media fair and the upcoming on-line judging.  Well, the time has […]

  4. Scott,

    Unfortunately, until we get the microphone issues worked out, I will probably not assign any podcasts as a “mandatory” assignment. It will be a choice for the students who want to participate. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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