I Was Lost, But Now I’m Found

Anyone who knows me, knows I am AWFUL with directions. In the past, Google Maps has served as my guide. I always looked up directions, printed off maps and referred to them as I drove to my locations… although helpful, it became a little tedious.

But, no more! Luckily, my thoughtful husband purchased me the Garmin nuvi 260 GPS unit for Christmas. It is pretty fancy! I have already input some of my “favorite” locations and added my house address so I can always find my way home. I am enjoying the heck out of it so far.

And, by the way, it is super small and has a touch screen which is really easy to navigate. I am really impressed with the functionality of it for the price. It even allows me to change from auto to bike to walking so it can be used for geocaching, and I can purchase an optional bike mount so I can use it when cycling. Woo hoo!

And since Garmin has been so generous to me in the past, I am glad my husband purchased one of their GPS units.

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