A Little Bit of Inspiration

This is the time in the school year when teachers and students are tired. We have the ELA TAKS test this week. It seems like months since we had a holiday. The students always seem to under-perform this six weeks, and everyone is counting down until Spring Break.

So, in the midst of the low morale that always seems to circulate this time of the school year, I was glad to come across “Letter to a Young Teacher” over at Practical Theory.

I especially liked the following thoughts from the blog post:

“You learn that it’s just not about you. And it’s just not about the kids either. It’s about the space between where the meaning happens.”

“You learn that you can’t reach every kid. And you never really learn to be o.k. with that.”

“You learn that not every kid is going to major in your subject and you accept that that’s o.k.”

“You learn that you aren’t perfect… and neither are the kids, and sometimes the best thing you can do is forgive… yourself and the kids.”

“You learn that life is hard… that the teaching life is hard… that the movies rarely get it right… and that being a young teacher means being the adult in the room, and that’s o.k.”

“You learn how much you have to keep learning.”

Lehmann’s blog post reminded me of a post I wrote awhile back.  And I was glad to be reminded because I think it is good for us to take a moment every now and then  to relax,  reflect, put our jobs in perspective and BREATHE.

I hope I have shared a little inspiration with you this lovely (although somewhat cloudy) Sunday afternoon as you gear up for the week ahead.  🙂

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