Interesting Reading and Other Stuff to Make You Think

I have come across some pretty interesting and thought-provoking articles and such this week, and I thought I would share the knowledge. So, here goes…

The first item worth sharing is an interesting blog post by Clay Burrell entitled “What is Schooliness?” It is pretty lengthy but well worth the read. It will definitely get you questioning why you do what you do as an educator.

Next, I would like to share some articles I came across in the news this week.  The New York Times published an article on March 7th entitled “At Charter School, Higher Teacher Pay.”  Basically a charter school in New York is planning on paying its teachers $125,000 a year plus bonuses to see if higher pay equals better teaching. Interesting concept… hopefully the idea will catch on!

The second article I feel is worth sharing comes from  The Washington Post and is entitled “When Mom and Dad Asks to be a Facebook Friend.”  The article speaks with various youngsters about whether it is “okay” for parents to be active on Facebook. Maybe I am just getting old, but I think it is pretty cool of parents to take an interest in their kids’ on-line lives.

And finally, some new videos (or new to me) from Common Craft.  Not sure what Twitter is? Watch Twitter in Plain English.  Want to become a little more environmentally friendly? Watch New Light Bulbs in Plain English.

Hope you had a good weekend and learned some interesting stuff too!

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