Still Breathing…

So, it has been quite some time since I have written anything, and certainly anything of substance, on this blog. I honestly have just not been in the mood… I guess I got a little burned out.  And really, what is the use of the blog if it is not helping me reflect, learn and/or share pertinent information with others?

I have been thinking about reviving my writing and logged in today to find (that even though I have posted anything since April) I am still averaging more than 1,000 hits a month.  I thought for sure my readership would have dwindled to nothing, but apparently not… go figure.

So, I am planning on starting back slowly and have some posts in mind, but I think I will save them for later this week. 🙂

The topics I will most likely reflect on are the TAKS test and my school’s scores, my plans for next school year (and my reflection on this school year), and my thoughts on the upcoming school year’s professional development.  I can’t promise that any of the topics will be riveting to anyone, but writing about them will give me something to think about and will hopefully help me get some thoughts in order… so, if you are interested, check back tomorrow.  I may actually have something to say.

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2 Comments on “Still Breathing…”

  1. jwitter Says:

    Yes! Put all that extra time you have to good use!

    I look forward to arguing with you again…

  2. You mean you look forward to losing arguments to me again… right? 🙂

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